Jun 9, 2012

old tailem town.

I haven't posted in quite some time... but that's not to say I haven't been creating :) 
Most of my time is actually spent on dear eleanor - which is a project in the form of an online magazine that was started by my dear friend Emma and I to highlight and share all the amazing talent in our city. It has blossomed massively and we are continuously blown away by the support and attention it has been give. 

The second issue was released last week and features some wonderful content and inspirational individuals. It's been an absolute please to work with some of the creatives that have contributed. 

Apart from the zine I've also been working on some personal photography projects. Last month I attended a presentation/awards night as one of the 26 finalists selected (out of over 300 entries) for the Adelaide Magazine Youth Issue Cover. It was a stunning night filled with great food, wine and people. 

My latest photo project was a trip to Old Tailem Town. A place I have fallen in love with. It is one of Australia's largest pioneer villages and I just could not believe such a stunning location existed so close to home. 

Here are some of the shots from the day (I seriously took over 200!!) You can find more on my facebook photography page here


Apr 29, 2012


Little photo session with my gorgeous nephew Jared yesterday. This kid has the most mesmerizing eyes.

Oh and I am now an avid instagram(er) - most of the photos I upload there are shot solely with my iphone so you won't be able to find them uploaded to my portfolio or flickr. You can add me @thisisepic.

I've also been shooting a lot more film lately and just picked up an awesome camera bag for my DSLR (backpack to fit DSLR, lenses, batteries and laptop). Mostly for my trip to NZ in November so I don't have to carry two seperate bags (I got flights at a bargain price - soooooooo excited to go see some fresh new land).

Apr 18, 2012

a walk around this neighbourhood

It's so easy to just be inspired by your surroundings, I find much more than it is to draw inspiration directly from people. These are some photos from just a basic walk around my neighbourhood. Camera in hand and just observing.

Mar 25, 2012

Adelaide's Forgotten Outlaws

been a short while between posts and I have lots to catch up on :) 
I suppose this means I have been busy (probably an understatement) but there has been some great things happening. 
Just a quick share of some images I snapped for my co-creative project Dear Eleanor which aims to highlight and showcase local talent througout South Australia. The first issue was released in February and there has been more than an overwhelming response. My dear friend Emma (and editor of the zine) is working super hard to continue to showcase in between issues. She writes like no-one else I know. It's truly captivating. Head on over to find the blog here

Here are some images I snapped for our recent post card designs. The idea behind the postcards are that we will be able to feature local talent (cross-promotions). This particular theme is based around Peter Drew for his amazing work on Adelaide's Forgotten Outlaws. A series of paste-ups around the city.

It's worth checking out the story behind it all, especially if you live in South Australia. See more here

I managed to snap these last Friday evening on a trek through the city. 


Feb 24, 2012


exploring the sweet little suburb i live in. I truly love it here :) regardless of being so close to the city, it is serene. These shots were taken with my Canon 60D. A lot of the locations included will also feature in an engagement photo session I have on the weekend for my wonderful friends Keri & Phil.

Feb 19, 2012

The Garden of Unearthly Delights

photos I took last Friday at the Garden of Unearthly Delights (as part of the Adelaide Fringe Festival).

Feb 12, 2012

dear eleanor - issue one

This amazing project I have been working on with my dear friend Emma has finally been launched!
dear eleanor is an e-zine that has been designed to highlight south aussie talent and those who are out there achieving great things. We have received outstanding support and are so happy with how it has been received.
Please head along to read the zine and share with all your friends too...


Feb 4, 2012

this amazing city in instagram

some of my instagram snaps from the last month. 
Just some detail of how wonderful this city is... 

oooo, and I now have a facebook photography page 
please click here to head over and 'like' my page to stay updated with my most recent creations and collaborations. 

Happy Weekend Everyone :)