Jan 30, 2012

photography portfolio - this.is.epic

As this year will bring about many new photography projects, work with Dear Eleanor (the new zine my friend Emma and I have created), assisting local photographers and hopefully weekends full with a camera in my hand, I have upgraded my carbonmade profile.

There are a bunch of new galleries and a few developed older ones :) I really love how professional the carbon made pages are and this is a good place to direct people who want to see my work. 

You can check it our here: this.is.epic on carbonmade

Jan 29, 2012

market treasures

I went to a little market today and was so surprised to come across such treasures. I always wondered why photographs and anything with handwriting was not cherished by families. These wonderful postcards date back to 1919 and are in impeccable condition and such stunning portraits. 

The one of the gentlemen I find particularly interesting. The detail in their clothing, the fob-watch chain, the boots and those moustaches are just mezmerizing. 

I also picked up these cute whale salt and pepper shakers to add to my ever growing collection :-) all up this cost me $4. Needless to say, I will certainly be heading back there again.

Jan 27, 2012

dear eleanor - the zine

I have been so excited to be working on this project lately :)

Welcome to Dear Eleanor, a wonderful new zine created to celebrate Adelaide and South Australian talents, wares and hidden gems!

My friend Emma and I wanted to create a world that sings the praises of Adelaide. A city that has long been lauded as the sorry younger cousin of the brighter, bigger Eastern States and cities. Dear Eleanor is where you can join us on this glorious road trip of wonder to uncover some of the best places in this delightful State. We hope to be one of the first feature zines focusing specifically on Adelaide.

With the first issue of Dear Eleanor set for release in February, we are so happy to be able to share it with everyone - you can expect to see Peter Drew, Claire Alice Young, Cafe Komodo, White Wall Photography, Presence and much more gracing the pages along with some fantastic articles, interviews and tidbits.

Head over and add us as a friend on blogger here and befriend us on facebook here

here's a little preview of one of the great features we have for the first issue ;)

Jan 21, 2012

a very lomo start to the year

some film just got back from being developed (lomography 800 CN). i take my la sardina every where I go, and it's the spontaneous moments that seem to produce the best photos. Lomo is just purely wonderful.

Jan 14, 2012


some shots I took of my brother recently whilst exploring an abandoned house in gawler. 

Jan 4, 2012

published + adelaide skyline

well, i wrote a letter to one of my favourite magazines here in Australia after reading an article about travel (and more specifically Copenhagen) a couple of months ago and today I discovered that it was published in the latest issue :-) what a wonderful surprise!!

In other mildly exciting news, I took a little detour on my way home from the gym the other night and headed up to windy point lookout. It had been very warm (37- 42 degrees Celsius) so as you can imagine the nights were still packed with people out and about finding things to do in this lovely town. 

I had taken my camera with me in hopes to snap some shots of the city skyline and was quite chuffed with the result. Despite Adelaide being a small city it certainly still is beautiful. After uploading to flickr, it made its way into Flickr Explore (not number 1 of course but was featured) which I was very happy about as it was a spare of the moment decision.  

Just goes to show that those spontaneous acts can result in good things :-) 

my letter published in YEN magazine
photo I took of Adelaide from Windy Point Lookout

Jan 2, 2012

peel street - shirts and hoodies now available

in light of my goal to create more art and share more on my blog, I have just uploaded a new design to redbubble which encompasses a shot I took of one of the small side streets in Adelaide (which as you can see has also found a home in my blog banner). this particular spot was magical. Some fantastic street art, gorgeous lanterns and a wonderful shop called little worn wardrobe.

There are a range of different options to purchase including unisex shirts, long sleeve, v-neck, girly fit and hoodies. Personally I like the design best in black but there are a number of different colour options available. Additionally, the image is also available to purchase as a sticker.

I've also included the original image for you all to see :)

the original image:
peel st

Jan 1, 2012

endless summer.

Hope everyone's new year is off to a wonderful start. Here is some aussie inspiration for you all.