Apr 29, 2010

this is how we breathe

I bought a photo book a couple of weeks ago and until today when it arrived I had completely forgotten about it ^.^ I always love those little surprises when you have something to get excited about.... and in this case it was unwrapping 'this is how we breathe' by Emily Tebbetts 

It was as beautiful as I had expected. Such delicate and natural photographs split into categories and perfectly pieced together. 

Here are some images I took of the book once I got home today

(yes my nailpolish is freakishly chipped - a busy girl with no time to repaint ;P)
I highly recommend checking out her amazing photographs (and of course the wonderful models) at the following locations:

you can also grab your own copy of the book here


Apr 27, 2010

Oh, Claudia

I swear Ohio has some of the most talented people I know...

Not only is miss claudia an extremely talented photographer, she is a mastermind with her short films. 
I wish I had an imagination and patience like this...
Check her out on flickr here

Apr 26, 2010

no one belongs here more than you

I wanted to re-blog this image from a post over at thewatersedge
I recently purchased the book 'no one belongs here more than you.' by Miranda July and I've found it quite uplifting and somewhat sexually confronting for the characters (who most of the time I never know if they are male or female nor their age or if they are human for that matter... it keeps you guessing). I rarely read fiction but this is something I find picking up at the oddest moments - like when I pull up at a read light in my car on the way to work. I actually hope for a red light so I can at least read a few more sentences.

Check it out...  

a thought for today






{PHOTO CREDITS: 1  2  3  4  5  6}

Apr 22, 2010

fashion must have: wedge ankle boots

There are so many things that I can't stand the look of when they first become a fashion statement - but most of these tend to grow on me over the months and before too long I am craving them just like the next girl...

W E D G E    A N K L E    B O O T S




Now I just need to find a good stockist here in SA

Apr 20, 2010

23rd birthday goodies

So yesterday was my 23rd birthday and I was treated like an absolute princess, I still cant believe just how amazing the day was and the love I received. 

I got so many gifts that I really can't justify it.... I think even little kiddies dont get this much.
  • A GPSmap 60CSx (handheld) - one of the best handheld GPS' ever
  • A new Sony Xplod stereo system for my car
  • $200 cash
  • $50 itunes gift card and $50 coles myer group gift card
  • Kate Moss' 'VINTAGE' perfume and hand lotion gift pack
  • I HEART LONG LASTING (Rimmel) nail polish in forest and london clouds shades
  • Khaki coloured Rimmel London eyeshadow
  • Rose coloured Rimmel London blusher
  • A pink loose shouldered cardigan
  • A green and white bolero
  • A black lace and white skirt
  • A forest green satin dress
  • The Dead Weather's album 'horehound'
  • and other various little goodies like lip gloss, hair products and my mother filled my car up with petrol which will get me to and from work for the whole week :)
It was seriously such an awesome day and I even had some ice-cream cake for desert. I love all my presents and emails / txts that I got throughout the day. I am still smiling.....

Apr 18, 2010

todays looks

I had a wonderful shopping day today with my mother as its my birthday tomorrow and I will be working most of the day :-}
I got an assortment of new clothes (not that I needed any...) some wonderful kate moss 'vintage' perfume and hand cream, various eye-shadows, lipgloss, nail polish etc etc the usual girly things. 
Here are two portraits from today - the top hat was my grandfathers and it was given to me when he passed away. I really want to start taking more 'outfit' shots so if anyone can please please please send me an invite code for lookbook (if you are a current member) then I would totally love you forever :D
I hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend. Its so nice using my new laptop (4GB of RAM - so super fast too), hopefully I get some spare time to do some photoshoots with models soon.

Apr 17, 2010

marina and her diamonds

does anyone else have a total girl crush on marina from marina and the diamonds <3
cant say its my usual taste in music but I think she has a spectacular voice and love the retro backing tracks plus she is so naturally gorgeous!!! 
T O T A L . G I R L . P O W E R

skunkboy creatures

Ever heard of skunkboy creatures? well now you have and prepare to fall in love with these gorgeous one-of-a-kind little buddies ^.^
I've just grabbed myself one from the etsy store here after seeing the gorgeous new shop additions over on skunkboy creatures blog.
These cute little owls are featured in the shop at the moment but be quick... I've just grabbed one for myself and am certain they wont be there long before they've all found themselves a home

Apr 13, 2010


I've just created a new carbonmade portfolio for my photography here. This will be used primarily as an online folio for future clients and marketing purposes (to list on business cards, letterheads etc). One thing I like about carbonmade is that the free folio allows you list upload five separate albums with a total of 35 images - this means that you are showcasing only your finest work ^.^ 
I hope to excel in my freelance work this year, however as I have a full time job I have very limited time to work on sessions and editing. Perhaps a bit of time management? 
Above is a showcase from my wedding collective folio that I've just uploaded to carbonmade. This was the very first wedding I've shot (new years eve 2009) and I am very pleased with the results from the day.

Apr 10, 2010

day nine: a photo you took

a photo I took today of a gorgeous street art birdie who was perched 
upon the wall while superman and I had a delicious lunch together <3

suede heartbeats

I added two new pairs of shoes to my collection today which is totally exciting because I've been eying off something similar for a long time now.

The first is a pair of black suede knee high boots

ahnd here's some examples of how they can be worn



the second pair these gorgeous flats
I know they will both get some great use, especially the flats which look fantastic with jeans and black footless tights. Perhaps I'll trek out tomorrow and get some shots of them in the wild ^.^

I'll also be purchaseing a new notebook as my current laptop (HP dv6000) only has 1.00GB of RAM and it just is not cutting it when it comes to post processing my photography both in Photoshop and Lightroom. I've had a good look around and at this stage settled on the Acer Aspire as5740g. 4.00GB of RAM and It also has a huge 1GB dedicated graphic card and fantastic processor. Its always exciting getting new toys and I've saved up for it over the last month so I think it's finally time to get my hands on something I can use for my photography.

Apr 9, 2010

Apr 8, 2010

day seven: a photo that makes you happy

because it should make everyone happy....except those that have never felt it. 
But for those who have ^.^ I know the feeling

Apr 7, 2010

day six: the spirit of a bird

On the 12th March 2010 my grandfather, William Richmond, ages 78 years, passed away after a long but sudden battle. He attended hospital for an operation as simple as removing a blood clot in one leg that had become a little problematic. Unfortunately the surgeons had suggested a tube also be put through his good leg to ensure there were no problems that side, however by doing that, and unrealising, they had spread a golden staff infection from one leg to the other. Gramps had to have both his legs removed from just above the knee as there was no chance they could be used again. As the days went on the survival rate dropped and additional problems became apparent. A year prior he was diagnosed with throat cancer, which he survived. After the operation to remove his legs a combination of the previous cancer and new operation affected his throat meaning anything he ate or drank went into his lungs rather than his stomach. 
Gramps died a few weeks later, and the day after he was moved to a hospital close to his home. From the time he went in to hospital he never got to go back home again. He was amazing man right til the end and died with my mother (his daughter) right next to him hearing his last breath. A piece of me went with him that day and with each day that passes it never gets easier.

Gramps had the spirit of a bird in flight and so I've chose today to feature this

Apr 6, 2010

day five: your favourite quote

"There are many, many people who have no concept of attainment. Merely content day after day with the routine and the mundane. Go to work, exist, hope nothing resembling a challenge comes along, go home, tv, sleep, get up and do it again...

One must always aim higher than is thought achievable. Often the parabola undershoots but when it hits (and occasionally it will), major achievement and euphoria result.

We are not passengers nor fence-sitters in life... We are those that the plebeians wish they could be but they have not the courage, enthusiasm, dedication, determination nor willpower.

Yes, expect the worst but cater for it, not give in to it"

This was written by the other half of my heart, my hero <3

Apr 5, 2010

day four: your favourite book

Hello Beautiful Bloggers 


I hope you've all so far enjoyed the little bits of inspiration 
I share here, i love blogger so much - Its all warm and 
fuzzy and everyone seems content with how beautiful 
the world is and are glad to wake everyday whether its 
in the sunshine or the rain.
Today was an amazing day. I'm glad to feel that the smile 
on my face is genuine and its all because of one person's 
ability to make my days into rainbows. I would very happily 
freeze time right now :D

And to continue on with the series....

day three: your favourite book
To me and as much as it's not a classical. It's not obvious. 
I guarantee hardly anyone has read it but I loved it for 
the reason that it is strange and makes you think 'what it' 
and not the kind of 'what if i had never jumped on that train 
that day'. I'm not saying its true fact but its interesting and 
it relates quite alot to another book I fancy called '50 philosophy 
ideas you need to know'. If you like Carl Sagan 'cosmos' 
series, a bit of brain exercise and second guessings then 
check out THE HOLOGRAPHIC UNIVERSE by Michael Talbot.

Here's a look at some photographic work I got to do really 
early this morning. I have still not adjusted to this daylight 
savings thingo and as it is I rarely sleep past 7am (even 
on weekends). Considering it was nicely overcast for photography 
I grabbed my camera and ventured out into the backyard 
for a few quick snaps.

its all your fault 
{click the image to view over at my flickr}

I hope everyone has had an amazing Easter and weekend ^.^


Apr 4, 2010

day three: your favourite television program

When I first bought the box set of THE OFFICE I stayed awake longer than any human being should whilst having their eyes glued to a television screen. 
Ricky Gervais is on of the funniest people I've ever known of!!!

when you are not alone in this world

Happy Easter Everyone!!
I wish you a safe and happy holiday for you and your families