Oct 26, 2009

little creatures

I purchased these little creatures from the global village in the central markets, Adelaide. I could not resist. Cannot believe it was only $2.00 for all of them. They make for fantastic little trinkets on my shelf. 

I also found the photo album {frankie magazine} whilst browsing through a book store yesterday. I was so inspired that I was awake until 4am this morning editing and creating my own art :) film is definitely growing on me and I can feel that the Holga is in need of being dragged out for some fun times. 

current heart-beats on flickr:

{the artists}


the colours of abandonment

my latest:


Oct 25, 2009

in my room...

  1. I found this gorgeous vintage ceramic cat ornament that duplicates as a little bell. It was hidden away on a top shelf in the house with no one to look at. Complimented by bedroom very nicely. 
  2. I tend to keep the tag's that come with any of my clothes (especially since I started shopping in boutiques. This was actually from a pair of stressed denim jeans I got from justjeans back in April. It hangs from my scrap board alongside a foldout catalogue for oneteaspoon. For those of you who can't read it, it says 'thread the love'.
  3. Books. Books. Books. I don't consider myself much of a reader and most of my collection contains non-fiction about philosophy and criminology but I do have a few of the classics that were either given to me or that I found in a thrift shop, too great to pass by. My favourite book of all time is 'the holographic universe' by Michael Talbot. This is a tiny fraction of my collection but sums up my taste in literature pretty well.
  4. There is too much jewelry a girl can have and not enough ways to display it, while these gorgeous vintage bangles aren't being used the sit upon this brass horse on my dresser.

Oct 10, 2009

free scrapbooking kit - tycho

wowza!!! it's taken me way too long to put this together but of course I am running two lives at once almost :) 

this encompasses a bunch of little bits and bobs I've been collecting for some time now. Scanned and converted to jpg for textures/backgrounds. All embellishments are .png files for ease of use and layers in photoshop. Really cute retro style.

As most of you may know it is of course the year of the astronomer so as I'm a fair bit of a star-gazing geekette, I thought it a perfect theme for my first free kit as a gift to you all.

You can download the kit (as a zip file) here: 
A blog which I am inclined to share, as I am definitely going to be featuring alot from across those pages is fashion gone rogue 
I've actually got the site defaulted as my home page so the moment im online the first thing I see is all the amazing inspiration that comes from the fashion and photographic industry. 

Check out these fantastic shots of Marloes Horst, my current dutch obsession *wink*:



Well I have two photo sessions this weekend, one is a commissioned custom package set for a 6-month old baby and the other a model folio shoot out in the Barossa Valley. I'll also get to make holiday (gift) cards, announcement cards, thank you cards, a brag-book and some other little extras to go along with the prints and disc for the first session. I am working on a marketing package for these types of bookings and I really can't wait to have some examples to show everyone. I may have a little more time next week to concentrate on the artistic side to life. I have been working from 50 - 60 hours per week over the last month so it will be nice to concentrate my time and energy on something for me (at least for a little while).

Oct 6, 2009


a weekend of love, knowing and admiration. 
here is one of my latest creations.

See more on my flickr stream

tuesday loves....



I want hand made products and I want the NOW!!!
Above you will see the gorgeous items of gloilocksandbody 

There is just something about natural products that are screaming out to me at the moment.
This world is so full of inspiration, you just have to keep your eyes open. 

ooooohhh and for those who like to keep the doctor away ;P

awwwwwww :) I really need to learn how to knit.
Cutesie way of keeping your apple protected.

I still owe some free scrapbooking resources and I have the beginning feature of 'here in my room' :) Thanks so much to those who have been a great support so far. 
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Oct 5, 2009

freebie blog buttons and blinkies

I know how much everyone loves to customise their spaces so I've made some little gifts that I hope may come in use to at least a few of you :)

admit-one navigation buttons and blinkies for your blog/webpage

 sudden-mistakes navigation buttons and blinkies for your blog/webpage

you can right-click and save these to your computer and upload to use however you like.
SPECIAL thanks go out to michelle underwood of this crazy life for her fantastic digital kits. 
I've used some elements of her fall freebie to create the gorgeous vintage buttons
check her out because her resources are absolutely amazing

more lovely things to come later today <3

like a hurricane

my current state of mind, in fashion sense.
mmmmmm polyvore

summer highway drifter

stumbled across some fantastic typo designs by the lovely lasses at fuckyeahwordart
check them out, great inspiration :)

and time for another etsy explore...

visit this shop NOW

freebie textures and scrapbooking supplies UP TOMORROW