Sep 18, 2010


your window of opportunity awaits.

Sep 6, 2010

golden half love

check out this super cute Golden Half camera, designed by Chelsea Maika

Im on the look out for one after spotting it through a shop window last week and swooning for a good 15mins - They take 35mm film and shoot double frames so you get two vertical shots per exposure.
Definitely a must have for any camera fanatic ^.^

Sep 5, 2010

not known but not forgotten

i heart my new kenji oxford style shoes <3 <3

Sep 3, 2010

cole rise

I seriously LOVE the quality of featured photographers on carbonmade
Cole Rise mixes the surreal with the natural world in these amazing scapes. A mixture of photography and post processing
It's beautiful creations like this that truly make you appreciate the familiar things in this world
check out the rest of his folio here
be inspired