May 30, 2010

Angelica Ström Photography

sheer sweedish innocence and brilliance

I stumbled across Angelica over at carbonmade this morning whilst updating my folio...
Redirected over to her flickr to discover I had already added her as a contact :O felt like I was seeing her work for the very first time. 

May 22, 2010

doctor doctor

and here is my take on dr.martens which I had to drag out of a box somewhere, they've been packed away for two years almost. Just goes to show that you should never throw anything away...
I SOOOOOOO want a lookbook so please if you have one send me an invite code

Hope everyone is having a great weekend ^.^
Im off to buy more expensive organic soap from LUSH and perhaps more clothes....

May 18, 2010

shoot the moon

Over the last year Dazed and Confused has quickly become one of my favourite magazines and websites. Their respect, recognition and showcase of true artists is phenomenal and constantly puts me in a whirlwind of inspiration.... here is one of the reasons why.

"Mikael Kennedy is a Brooklyn-based photographer whose wanderlust led him to hit the road for over a decade. Taking part-time jobs, sleeping at gas stations and occasionally even selling his blood for enough cash to buy film, he has always stayed on the move, documenting his Kerouac-esque tour of the America's cities, deserts and hinterlands via his favourite medium – the polaroid camera. Tonight, he opens Shoot The Moon at the legendary Chelsea Hotel – an exhibition of 500 of his all-time favourite polaroids, which marks something of a symbolic homecoming for the snap-happy American prodigal and puts him in the company of Chelsea-haunting ghosts such as Mapplethorpe and Burroughs."

 Mikael offers a collection of his experiences in full-colour, limited edition softcover books as part of the 'passport to trespass' series which you can get hold of over at his blog 

H E   W A S  T H E R E  .  H E  S A W  S O M E T H I N G

May 16, 2010


inspirational day....and fever ray

one of the best music videos i've ever seen. Found via lovematic silent doe
image credit - see it larger on my flickr here

May 15, 2010


but she wants to be a better singer
swing the heartache
just for her sake
but she wants to be a better singer
swing the heartache
j u s t  f o r  h e r  s a k e.

May 9, 2010

style icon: alison mosshart

what an awesome chic, been diggin her since I started listening to the dead weather.
She wears rock and grunge fashion like no one else can!!

May 2, 2010

ellen darker

My first real creative shoot that I've done in a while and the ideas had been swirling around in my head for weeks. I have been so inspired, motivated, in love, living this life and everything it has to offer. The model is my friend Ellen and she also has a blog over at darker beauty that you should check out :) She is such an awesome lass and I LOVE working with her.