Feb 28, 2010

Feb 27, 2010

february thrift fashion find

great thrift day today <3
oversized vintage tank with lace rows - $3.99

Feb 25, 2010

the sprout and the bean

For those who have not heard her yet, you MUST check out Joanna Newsom!!
I've just purchased her new album 'have one on me' from itunes after tuning in on her beautiful sound throughout the day on triple j continuously for the last few months.
I seriously start to wonder why something so amazing was held from me for so long and I think of all the times when I could have listened to her music. 

here's her beuatiful video for 'sprout and the bean' ^.^

Feb 22, 2010

oxford oxford oxford

SERIOUS MUST HAVE for me right now but I am having trouble finding a good pair in any of the retails stores (even considering how popular they are at the moment). I can't say I've ever loved a type of shoe as much as I LOVE the look of these. The styles are endless, the two-tones amazing and there are so many variations. 

Here's some of my favourites currently listed over at etsy...

This is the type of shoe (obviously one in every colour ^.^) that you could wear with ANYTHING... 

Feb 21, 2010

repeat after me: i am free


i LOVE when the new FRANKIE is released as it gives me plently to blog about and share with the rest of you!!

One thing I've had a bit of an obsession with lately is brooches, and to tell you the truth I do not own one. Yes, sad isn't it. The more I become interested in fashion the more I notice the little things that dress the outfits up to make them unique. I've been hunting around for somewhere that has something to catch my eye and heart and I'm certain that KISSYFACE by RikkiB has what it takes to do that. 

Her personalised brooch collection includes some of the great scientific names (my favourite in the store - Carl Sagan). You can also find an assortment of brooches/rings/earings/necklaces staring various icons, animals, films and the opportunity to submit a custom order.

Take a peek inside her etsy store here

Feb 18, 2010

world...out there

Sometimes you just really need to be one with the world...

my camera....and me

“Nothing splendid has ever been achieved except by those who dared to believe that something inside of them was superior to circumstance”

Feb 14, 2010


to all you little cupid victims (and seekers ;-p) out there and across the oceans.
{photo - chpsauce}

I thought it a wonderful chance to feature a gorgeous little etsy shop that inspired me today. I've got the thrifting bug at the moment (again..) and felt the need to spend my weekend searching the online and local op shops. Had some pretty good finds including a fake gold and porcelain style pendant, an aquabella loose fitting top (could not believe I found this...and in the kids section, think they thought it was actually a dress for a little person) and a baseball styled jersey with car motif ('full blown - all muscle, no hustle'). I could have kept thrifting but I forgot that they close early on weekends.... will have to make up for it throughout the week on lunch breaks :)

Here's a look at some of the current items in IN LOVE AGAIN's etsy shop:

At the moment there is a FEBRUARY SALE with all items at 20% off, so jump in there and grab some bargain vintage pieces {inloveagain on etsy}

I hope everyone has a great start to the week 

Feb 13, 2010

every valley is not a lake

You got your father's wreckless charm, babe
Long as you give, some body will take
Well, every story is not the gospel, babe
Let me put it in another way
Every valley is not a lake

{photo credit: me - my flickr here}

Feb 10, 2010

cori kindred

Amazing little store i found via lushlee ^.^ Cori Kindred specialises in mixed media crafts and photography encompassing earthy undertones and the natural world. She has two open etsy stores, once with products of her own imagination (cori kindred) and the other of her estate sale and thrift finds (mushroom and moss).
The first seemed particularly appropriate considering Valentine's Day is only just around the corner and those that follow were just too gorgeous not to feature.

Visit and purchase from the Cori Kindred etsy store here 
Visit and purchase from the Mushroom and Moss Vintage etsy store here

Feb 6, 2010



here are some of the gorgeous captures from the photoshoot with Ellen today :D
What a stunning beauty she is... 

More to come soon

Ginta Lapina

Gorgeous natural beauty - morning beauty


black magic

found over on fashion gone rogue today whilst I was finding some inspiration for today's photoshoot with Ellen.
I absolutely adore the heavy fringe and the feathered dress. I've seen a few skirts and dresses around with feather details and whilst I rarely go out to be able to wear such a beautiful outfit, I really thing I might just get one anyway - you never know when it will come in handy :)

Photography by Jakob Axelman
Model is Inna Pilipenko
Styling by Allison Miller

Feb 4, 2010


came across one fine young fashion blogger over at lookbook.nu that completely inspired me

Check out her gorgeous blog post over at summerlisten

How has everyone's week been so far? 

I have a photoshoot with my gorgeous friend Ellen from Darker Beauty this Saturday and Im so excited to finally get out and get this chick back in front of my camera lens. She is totally drop dead amazing and natural ^.^ 
Will post the awesome captures as soon as possible after the shoot for you all to see.