Dec 28, 2009

who's up for a postcard swap?


To launch into the new year I firstly want to know more about you - the readers.
Who are you, where are you from, what is your town like?  Do you have a flickr, a lookbook, an etsy store? Write me a comment here so I can learn more about you. I can then customize my upcoming giveaways to suit the lifestyle of all of you out there :-) 
I'll pop by your websites and check out your work, leave feedback, testimonials and love. 
Oh and here's the link to a few places you can find me: 
I've also noticed some of you like to send little mail tidbits to each other and I would LOVE to be able to use some of my gorgeous postcard sets. Hand written mail is definitely the best and for the price of a stamp it is well worth the walk to the post office to send it on its way.
What I'll do is send you a postcard personally selected for you with a little story about my day, you can then reply to the address given and I will collect all of the ones I receive and put them in my book of inspiration for the year. 

If you are interested in taking part please email me at with your postal details and your postcard will be on its way. From time to time I'll also send along little pieces for you to keep in your own inspiration notebook. 
Its a beautiful world, so why not share it with others around you? 

Here's a reason why - when I found this girl I feel like I opened up the meaning behind my love for the world.  


Dec 25, 2009


the beautiful style of morethanlove


Dec 20, 2009

thrift find: box brownie

I found a wonderful box brownie (for my camera collection) while out thrifting today. $9.00 AUS later and I'm the proud owner of a brownie ;)
I was very impressed with it and of course the wonderful little scratch marks that danced upon the surface giving it character, history and that real pre-loved quality that we all know so well.

I knew I had to use it some how artistically, so I convinced my teenage brother to play model for me so I could capture a set era. The final images actually remind me of mens british and punked based fashion.

you can see them, love them and comment them over at my flickr

penny farthings and hot air balloons

my two current favourite things :)

Hope everyone has had a great weekend!!!

Dec 18, 2009

my 2010 photographic calendars are here


...and for many reasons too, one being that 2009 has been the most successful year of my life artistically, mentally, professionally, name it ;-)

I've put together a collation of two series - 'places and things that may never have happened' and 'faces with a story' which you can purchase as your very own 2010 calendar - and all for an extremely low price of AU$27.50!!!

The photographs in these collections are of some of my best and most personal favourites that have definitely taken some shape to me and hold great powerful meaning.

You can find these for sale only at my redbubble store here and they will not be available for purchase anywhere else (although you can custom order these through me - email me at for any queries or requests)

and heres the links to the calendars themselves:
grab hold of your very own 'places and things that may never have happened' 2010 calendar here
and fall in love with 'faces with a story' 2010 calendar here

Enjoy my lovelies and wishing you all a wonderful weekend


Dec 16, 2009

wednesday wonderment

well as usual a day of sunshine and wonderment ;-) and a few things to share with you all in blogland.

Over at etsy, I happened to stumble across the darling illustrations of meowza from Vancouver, BC !!!
Such intricate details and ideas - Tree girl is a definite favourite and makes appearances in many of her prints.
Here's a preview of what she has up for purchase over at her etsy shop

Next on the agenda is this gorgeous outfit by sublet clothing: eco-apparel

 I almost fainted when I saw this on my email today....
So much class and so much unique appeal

oh and i know how much everyone out there lovessss Zooey Deschanel so I just had to share this gorgeous images I found of her :-)


have a wonderful day everyone

Dec 14, 2009

the forbidden fruit tastes the sweetest

subconscious. by ElifKarakov

cold by annarexic

break by emerarldhelix

play it for me, Sam by vbagiatis


jo by lightships

 memories by verlasse

anonyme stranger shot by benoitpalle


Dec 12, 2009

the miscreants of tiny town

I just had to share these phenomenal paintings that I came across on etsy.
Alexkuno hails from Downtown Minneapolis, and represented by the Rosalux Gallery.

Here's what he has to say about his recent series 'The Miscreants of Tiny Town':
"This work is the closest we'll get to seeing the otherworld of children's fears and nineteenth century ghosts. Nightmarish scenes come off as sublime, and hollowed eyes seem inviting in this bizarre world of anxiety and depraved ne'er-do-wells. We're not sure how to get there, but Tiny Town must be near Alice's rabbit hole."

"The Moron And The Moron And The Moron And The Moron"

"Like Lambs, Like Pigs"

"The Turkey Thief"

"The Nurse Girls Arrive Hungry"

Check out more of his portfolio at alexlovesyou 

Dec 11, 2009

inspire friday

My camera rarely leaves me side this last few months. I already thought that I held alot of creativity but when you can look at just about anything and see the beauty in it...that is when inspiration has reached its destiny.

Here are my latest - make sure you pop on over to my flickr and befriend me

Dec 10, 2009

we are messengers

What an amazing and inspirational week it's been!!!

Firstly I want to share some of the divine  greeting cards from the folks over at....


I've always had a soft spot for unique gifts and stationary, and these fall nothing short of magnificent. Not only do they offer greeting cards but you can also purchase framed prints, decals and christmas packs (if you get in quick...its only two weeks away remember).

Here's a look at some of the cards that are available for purchase: 


hop on by the online store, blog and website to see what inspiration you can source :-)I think I'll have to gather some of these for a 'giveaway' in early 2010!!!