Dec 29, 2011

k&a - happily ever after

I was so lucky to be asked to photograph such an amazing, creative and magical wedding. The last year has been quite hectic and I hadn't had a great deal of time for this sort of thing so when November rolled around the sparks were flying. I shot for about 6-7 hours and was able to spend the day surrounded by truly happy individuals. Kim made pretty much everything for the day and the ceremony was held in the backyard of their lovely old home in front of their little revamped retro caravan. 
Considering how much I enjoyed getting back behind the camera, I am hoping it means 2012 will bring many opportunities and if time is limited... make some. 
Here are some of my most favourite shots from the day :) 

Dec 19, 2011


move forward like a shark through life. so many roads. so many stars. so much space. be easy. be the space between the lines. settle there. and live inside. tell me of the better days to come.

Dec 10, 2011

beth hoeckel.

i've always had such admiration for those with patience (mostly because I have almost none...).
A friend of mine recently shared with me the website for Ms Beth Hoeckel. This lovely lass creates a number of mixed media, painting and photography pieces, but most admirable are her collages.
All her collages are created using found paper and are in no way digitally edited (except for scanning in).
I loved her work that much that I grabbed myself one of her 'moonrise' (second down) prints, signed and numbered. A steal price at only $60.00 (US) and of course supporting such a brilliant artist. 
you can check out her website here to see more of her work and perhaps even purchase something for yourself :)