Nov 29, 2009

the origin of the earth

you can stay there forever counting the stars, trying to separate yourself from how things are, but you know you wont get very far...

photo credits - me
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Nov 26, 2009

how the heart behaves - featured photographer - CLAUDUA SUSANA

I must share this wonderful artist with you all :-) what an amazing talent she is...



You can find her amazing work posted at the following locations:

*be inspired and inspire*

Nov 25, 2009

new session product {BRAG BOOK} + shop RUCHE's biggest sale

Well, I spent today finalising a client session package which has been a huge sigh of relief :-)
Working full times hours as it is leaves me very little time to concentrate on my photography but I have thoroughly enjoyed putting this little pack together and the session was a blast. 
Due to the nature of the session (child portraiture) I knew that parent's love to have a little keepsake for themselves to carry about and show off their gorgeous little one. It features 23 custom edited images, both cover and back pages designed by me to suit the theme of the shoot. The little star featured here is Jayden (6 months old).

I am very happy with the outcome and hopefully the client loves it too!!

Oh and something i MUST share here, because I LOVE LOVE LOVE this webstore and have asked my mother to please buy me a gift voucher for christmas:

Click Here!

Nov 23, 2009

thrift store bargain: collectable vintage tin

Picked up this stunning vintage tin today from a thrift store for $5.99.
I thought it was absolutely stunning and perfect for storing things like buttons, cotton, sewing needles, crafty offcuts etc etc. I am yet to get the lid off but even without that possibility I think its a gorgeous little addition.

 Today's outfit consisted of opaque patterened (spotted) tights, a grey wash high waisted skirt with belt and a sunshine yellow tank with lace trim. Perfected with some buckle top ballet flats. I love the chance to mix and match the clothes currently floating around in my wardrobe. I have so many and often forget to be a little adventurous with what I throw together.

Nov 22, 2009

explore new oceans

found at these wonderful etsy stores:

1   2   3   4

Nov 20, 2009

Voûte - a dream within this artistic world

Being an avid follower of the creations by Monika Stojak, I stopped by a zine she mentioned being featured in over at DeviantART. I found it to be greatly calming, inspirational and appropriate of its articles. Dreamy text to make you feel as if you are sitting in a hammock at the top of the rocky mountains reading about these things you never knew.

Victor Jonsson (editor/graphic designer/text)
Sofia Elamson (text)
Monika Stojak, Ilona Marta Iwanska, Johnanna Carlson, Hanna Muller, Lisa Olsson, Estefania Morales, Rebecca Eskilsson, Felicia Frithiof, Kamila Patyna.

"the author is less important than the feelings he or she passes on within the photographs"  


Voted "Fashionista of the Year" as a people's 
choice in the blogging world. 
You can check her out here:

(text: Sofia Elamson - photography: Johanna Carlsson)

"The sun has gone out, the sun is dead. The trolls and gnomes all cheer, hoping summer will come back again (as we all have learnt about trolls, they are no fans of sunshine). Then all of a sudden, the sun rises above the horizon.
It shimmers in the crust, as if millions of roses fall down from the sky, and even the trolls get excited, standing on their heads in the snow celebrating. It could be me and you. We all do miss the sun in times like these and the story reminds us that light actually will come back to this part of the world. The sun is not dead, believe it or not. But the sun is still dark and I don't know how to play 'Here Comes the Sun' on acoustic guitar as he did, and I don't know what to do with myself"

Its great to read and see such a stellar collation of artistry. 
Go stop by Voute now and see for yourself...

Nov 17, 2009

current projects

My beautiful niece - Taylah is now a master of walking on her own two feet

I am seeing Pearl Jam tonight LIVE at Adelaide Oval - sqqquuueeee :D so excited

Apart from that here are my current 'in the works/on the go' projects:

*Six seperate client sessions for child portraiture. Need to produce introducton packs for each of these and come up with some concepts for each one.
*Three weddings over the course of the next 12 months booked. One for New Years Eve which I am excited to be a part of. Currently working on contracts and business documents for the happy couple.
*Promotional shoot for a magician - how cool is that!!!
*Personal project with Adrian Bickle of 'mournful congregation (ex-chalice drummer)'. The concept behind this is OUTTA THIS WORLD. I am so excited to be a part of it and strangely freaked by the title he chose for the project 'APRIL 19'. There is a very unique reason for his choosing so when I told him that date was also my birthday we both knew that me being a part of it was fate running some crazy course.
*Multiple model portfolio sessions currently being thought up
*Business and Marketing documents (including base pack information, album diplays, gift cards and logo design) - I've checked out some of the brilliant packs over at Photographer Cafe and I am greatly inspired by the various designs. Think I may even jump in an purchase some of the sets they have
*Editing, Editing, Editing. I have a client child session to finalise by end of November and a backlog of saved images that I havent even had a chance to look at yet.
*The next set in the 'where the wild things' photoshop actions for all you wonderful people out there

As you can see, lots to keep me busy and beieve it or not thats just the stuff I need to work on in my spare time. I work a full time job of 40-50 hours a week, plus fit in spending time with my family and my own personal photography work. BUSY BUSY TIMES. No wonder 2009 has progressed so quickly.

Nov 15, 2009

been up so long

 images by me - flickr

Yea, you walk with the sun on your back
with you're clothes soaking through
on a handle of a suitcase that’s broken in two
and a curled cigarette
that you lit, when you threw the captain
yea and he saw you running
but he wouldn't stop the rain
'cause he knew the perfect pictures
were lying underneath the train
yea and he ain't your hero
yea but why should you care?
'cause her memory stills lingers there
and her memory still lingers there
And I've been up so long
And I've been up so long
And I've been up so long that I don't think that I could get down
No, I don't think that I could get down

Yeah and Valentine woke me with a coffee and a suite
And her long black stockings
And her brown leather boots
And that pen, she writes all the words on the sides of the pages
Got drowned in the flood
Yea and I asked if she would dance
Down to the station with me
But she couldn't hear the question
From all the music in the street
And I would have asked her again
Yea but I knew she'd be thinking of him
Yea and I knew she'd be thinking of him
And I've been up so long
I've been up so long
I've been up so long that I don't think that I could get down
No, I don't think that I could get down.
Oh and all of the players,
Snow White, in the show
And the broken beer bottles and my old ragged clothes
That I wore last night, yes and the night before
But I just don't care
No I just don't care anymore
And there ain’t no use in pretending
that you like me if you don't
Because I don't like you
And I can promise that I won't
Ever believe a word that you say
'cause you're a liar, and a phony, and a fake!
No, you're a liar, and a phony, and a fake! 

words by Joe Purdy

Nov 14, 2009

Florabella Collection

Isn't it a shame that we can't buy more time...
Some aspects of my photography lately that seems to have boomed interest is child portraiture and wedding ceremonies. I am a strong believer in experience being an eye opener and for this reason I've dedicated much of my time lately to researching, photographing, drafting and thinking about furthering my interest in a freelance business. At this stage it is a very passionate hobby, which I can run as a small business but from looking at the stars im starting to lead down paths that I hadnt even set out for yet :) and its great to know that Im achieving things before I even decided to set myself a goal. 

In keeping this post within the theme I'd like to feature a wonderful artist that I stumbled across just this morning. I instantly purchased one of her action sets 'the vintage set', Which I've already jumped at the chance of using.

 Florabella Collections 

 check out her wonderful website here 
hop along to her blogger here

and flickr stream for more amazing actions, textures and inspiration

Nov 13, 2009

FREE 'where the wild things' photoshop action

To celebrate the release of the motion picture and excitement of 'where the wild things are' I decided a great way to show my appreciation for this wonderful story and journey-tale was to release a series of photoshop actions for all you budding artist and photographer's out there. 

I remember the book as one of my favourites when I was a youngster and was so happy to hear that a film was being made that would not only captivate children but adults alike. 

The first action I'm releasing is 'in the woods' which you can download FREE here

Enjoy and Happy Weekend :-) 


Nov 11, 2009

Nov 9, 2009

the land where lovely things live

photo credit - me
singlet designer - petticoat junction

From the moment I first came across this designer, I knew I had to have at least one piece in my collection. This is the 'celestial singlet' I purchased last week from carbon - AU $130 and worth every single thread.

Nov 2, 2009

Nov 1, 2009


-when you create yourself, you will know

something that caught my eye and heart this week, whilst browsing in a boutique, i came across some amazing threads by the name of petticoat junction. believe me - the tag attached was enough to make me swoon and I will before too long need to add at least one of their items to my wardrobe.
This store must have been unique to me for some reason as I also discovered an amazing musician whilst browsing through all the clothing. Jose Gonzalez. If you have not heard his music yet you must definitely check him out. The songs 'heartbeats' and 'hints' from the album VENEER are so beautiful and soulful. I am so glad to have added another phenomenal talent to my ipod playlist.