Jun 26, 2011

bLACk - a collection of portrait drawings by Renee L Boyce

what im currently working on :) and am very excited about.....
a book containing a collection of my portrait drawings. 
This will be released in the next 4-8 weeks and will be available for purchase through the internet.
I will be uploading some of my work here for you to have a sneek peek of what to expect.
The above image is a portrait of Sir Anthony Hopkins. 
Completed 25.06.2011


Jun 25, 2011


my trip to the mac factory early this morning resulted in these gorgeous things <3
coupled with tunes of bon iver. wonderful!!!

Jun 24, 2011



Jun 12, 2011


Raw Space is a gorgeous Australian Gift store stocking quirky homewares, gifts and collectibles. 
I discovered it purely by accident when walking out of a car park escalator in Adelaide and was purely blown away by just how much money and time could be spent there. 
One thing I instantly fell in love with were the splendid brooches and necklaces. The line drawings are to die for and you'd be silly to not add one to your collection.

Jun 3, 2011


I have not used my DSLR in a long time... (been shooting film and drawing mostly to stay creative) but this last week I stumbled across an amazing blog that inspired me beyond any other:

She is amazing <3 Her eye for beauty, prose and art is just beyond this world and I find myself regularly trekking through her blog posts taking in the beautiful things. 

{photo by me - see on flickr here}