Jan 31, 2010


A few very cool things this last couple of weeks, besides major shopping spree (which happens every week anyway ;P)...
I attended the BIG DAY OUT festival (such an amazingggg day - best big day out ever. Muse were superb along with fantastic sets from Grinspoon and Fear factory).
Australia held the Triple J Hottest 100 for 2009. I've been listening to triple J every day for the past few months and was glad to hear UK band mumford and sons came in at number 1 with their song 'little lion man'.
Discovered the gorgeous artwork of mydeadpony. What I'd do to have some of his artwork printed on a tee or a tote bag. Here are some of my favourites from his gallery:

Nothing left to say by ~mydeadpony on deviantART

Glad that the world by ~mydeadpony on deviantART

back to the working world tomorrow, and no doubt lots of hard hours, however the quality of inspiration around me and the people who keep me smiling makes everything worthwhile :)

Hope everyone has enjoyed their weekends <3

Jan 26, 2010

monuments and melodies

{this week from my flickr}

my past is perilous
but each scar i bear, sings
monuments to where I have been
and melodies to where I am going

Jan 24, 2010

slow songs and fast heartbeats

 misty christmas morning

slow songs and fast heartbeats, they’re the only things that really stay with me.
those moments when your heart breaks
or you fall deeper into whatever you’re feeling 

or those bouts of extended eye contact. the moments that, if they were in movies, would be 
accompanied by slow songs with acoustic guitars and sorrowful grand pianos
however, i prefer them unscripted.
fast heartbeats follow the moments you’re
overwhelmed with emotion or you’re taking the 

plunge into something unknown, something new. when you’re scared your heart might pop 
out of your chest or explode, or make some sort of dramatic gesture to let you know it’s 
rushing to keep up with your thoughts.
when those moments overlap with each other, they create memories that last lifetimes. 

these are the memories that stick with me. these are the memories i love.

{image from here} {text from here}

Jan 23, 2010

nylon juvenile

One of my current favourite artists nylonjuvenile <3 The way that her shots incorporate all of my favourite fashion style at the moment. Check out her gallery over at DeviantART here


Jan 18, 2010

explosions of star matter

welcome to the new look blog. I totally have a fascination with feathers at the moment :-)

Some great features to come this week and I will be finally posting letters & postcards to those who took place in the 'international velveteen postcard swap' so if you were one of those special peeps, keep your eyes peeled. 
I'll also be hosting a giveaway next week so remember to stop by regularly (and subscribe if you havent already) to stay in the loop on whats happening here. 

Have a lovely start to your week everyone 

"cause we're young, fell in from the stars"
featured artist is Phantasthma

Jan 16, 2010



31 RUE CAMBON + festival fashion

Well here I am after a ridiculously busy week of work, work, work. Needing a little bit of relaxation I thought I'd put together a post of some things that I found inspirational or that are playing a part in my current state.

31 RUE CAMBON - Chanel is launching their own magazine titled 31 Rue Cambon. The glossy will be designed by Karl Lagerfeld and art directed by Olivier Zahm of Purple Fashion Magazine. There is no official release date yet, but the magazine will have a worldwide distribution in all Chanel stores.
(source: Kari Cruz)

And with the BIG DAY OUT festival just around the corner for Adelaide, I've spent the last day trying to hunt down a ticket for this sold out show!!! And now for the fun part - FESTIVAL FASHION...Some big decisions to make but here's some outfits I put together over at polyvore with some of my fav items at the moment.
summer festival fashion

Jan 9, 2010

it will rain for a million years

my flickr here

does anyone ever have access to their souls anymore? seems a trend to give it away...

Adhesif Clothing Co.

Adhesif Clothing Co have a stunning line of season fashions for any girl with an interest in unique and vintage styles. You can see them over on etsy or visit their website to view the catalogues and stockists.
(courtesy of lushlee)


And a bit of musical musings for you all out there, Joe Purdy is and will always be the musician of my life. Everything he creates hits a spot in my soul that nothing else can.
Listen to his song 'dead end kids' from the album ' last clock on the wall' below

Jan 6, 2010


30 seconds to explore the world...
all photos by me - find me on flickr here