May 22, 2010

doctor doctor

and here is my take on dr.martens which I had to drag out of a box somewhere, they've been packed away for two years almost. Just goes to show that you should never throw anything away...
I SOOOOOOO want a lookbook so please if you have one send me an invite code

Hope everyone is having a great weekend ^.^
Im off to buy more expensive organic soap from LUSH and perhaps more clothes....


  1. I sent you an invite, m'dear:)
    I assumed you already had one, or else I would have sent an invite sooner !!

  2. Great outfit, goes well together with dr. martin.AWESOME.
    i am ur new follower HERE ;)

  3. Ohhh, I love these photos. Why can't all girls be as enchanting as the ones in your pictures?