Mar 17, 2010

GIVEAWAY: postcard pack

I always look forward to the day when redbubble expand their ideas and products and today they did just that by announcing the brand new range of 4"x6" postcards!!

Firstly I'll make a little introduction to what redbubble is all about...

"RedBubble is an open and inclusive website where you can share your art, photography and design with the world"

Artists can sign up, upload their designs and select them for store sales in the way of prints, canvas', gift cards, calendars, t-shirts and now postcards and soon to come hooded jumpers. Each artist can choose the commission percentage and only a small amount goes into the production of the product - which means you are giving $$ to the artists themselves ^.^

To celebrate the launch of the new postcard range, I'm giving one lucky reader the chance to score a 10 (ten) pack of postcards from my very own redbubble store. 
You even get to choose which art from my store you'd like to have included in the pack :-)

Here is a look at just some of the few that are available: 

There are over a two hundred to choose from and there is nothing to lose so jump in with the chance to get some original artwork under your wings. 

Just leave a comment below with your full name and email address. Its that easy :-)
I will draw a winner randomly next Friday 26th March. Winners will be notified via email and a blog post will also be included to make the big announcement.

Oh and here's a link to my redbubble storefront so if you're feeling generous or want to get your very own postcard(s) or print(s) hop along there and support an inspired artist!!

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  1. I love you photo's, so this postcard package would be a treat indeed.

    I'm going to check out redbubble now!

    Gem McDonald

  2. i've never really checked out that site before, it sounds great!

    Phebe Rendulic
    pheebsyeah [at] hotmail [dot] com

  3. These are so beautiful,
    We haven't put anything but our 'your beautiful series' on Redbubble, But will have to make an effort now, the postcards are an amazing idea.
    And your images are perfect for postcards (as well as everything else :P !)
    Melissa Kilkelly

  4. I love the mystery in the postcard with the hands. Cool give away!

    -Hunter Nicole

  5. ~delighted to have stumbled upon your blog...beautiful images and such a sweet giveaway...brightest blessings~

  6. these are gorgeous :)
    you're a fantastic photographer

    I'm Amy Hruby of amelioratic.
    My email is amelioratic[at]

  7. How exciting, and you photographic work is so wonderful :)

    pattieynm @ gmail . com