Mar 28, 2010

minxshop: decandent vintage inspired clothes and sundries

If I could own an entire etsy shop, this would be it... 

"An exploration of luxuriously wearable dresses, shirts, and skirts designed by me and inspired by antiques and adventure. I am currently working on a ton of new designs and redesigns, that will be listed through out late March and April. You will soon be seeing new versions of the Tuxedo dress, the Entomologist dress, and lots of others, so keep an eye out!" - Anna-Marie of minxshop

Visit minxshop over on etsy here and enjoy the gorgeous designs


  1. I am in love with this girl's hair.

  2. ~i have often toyed with similar sister and i were vintage~thrift shopping and bringing them up to a store after we did slight modifications to them...something that just seemed to fizzle away as life got busy...may this adventure come to be in your life one day...wishing you well and brightest blessings...thank you for sharing this artist...will sneak over for a visit!~