Oct 25, 2009

in my room...

  1. I found this gorgeous vintage ceramic cat ornament that duplicates as a little bell. It was hidden away on a top shelf in the house with no one to look at. Complimented by bedroom very nicely. 
  2. I tend to keep the tag's that come with any of my clothes (especially since I started shopping in boutiques. This was actually from a pair of stressed denim jeans I got from justjeans back in April. It hangs from my scrap board alongside a foldout catalogue for oneteaspoon. For those of you who can't read it, it says 'thread the love'.
  3. Books. Books. Books. I don't consider myself much of a reader and most of my collection contains non-fiction about philosophy and criminology but I do have a few of the classics that were either given to me or that I found in a thrift shop, too great to pass by. My favourite book of all time is 'the holographic universe' by Michael Talbot. This is a tiny fraction of my collection but sums up my taste in literature pretty well.
  4. There is too much jewelry a girl can have and not enough ways to display it, while these gorgeous vintage bangles aren't being used the sit upon this brass horse on my dresser.

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