Oct 10, 2009

free scrapbooking kit - tycho

wowza!!! it's taken me way too long to put this together but of course I am running two lives at once almost :) 

this encompasses a bunch of little bits and bobs I've been collecting for some time now. Scanned and converted to jpg for textures/backgrounds. All embellishments are .png files for ease of use and layers in photoshop. Really cute retro style.

As most of you may know it is of course the year of the astronomer so as I'm a fair bit of a star-gazing geekette, I thought it a perfect theme for my first free kit as a gift to you all.

You can download the kit (as a zip file) here: 
A blog which I am inclined to share, as I am definitely going to be featuring alot from across those pages is fashion gone rogue 
I've actually got the site defaulted as my home page so the moment im online the first thing I see is all the amazing inspiration that comes from the fashion and photographic industry. 

Check out these fantastic shots of Marloes Horst, my current dutch obsession *wink*:



Well I have two photo sessions this weekend, one is a commissioned custom package set for a 6-month old baby and the other a model folio shoot out in the Barossa Valley. I'll also get to make holiday (gift) cards, announcement cards, thank you cards, a brag-book and some other little extras to go along with the prints and disc for the first session. I am working on a marketing package for these types of bookings and I really can't wait to have some examples to show everyone. I may have a little more time next week to concentrate on the artistic side to life. I have been working from 50 - 60 hours per week over the last month so it will be nice to concentrate my time and energy on something for me (at least for a little while).


  1. Ooh... very cool free package!

    Also, good luck with the work :)

  2. Hi there -- thanks so much for visiting my blog! Yours is beautiful!! :) You're so talented!

  3. good work...and interesting tooo