Jan 4, 2012

published + adelaide skyline

well, i wrote a letter to one of my favourite magazines here in Australia after reading an article about travel (and more specifically Copenhagen) a couple of months ago and today I discovered that it was published in the latest issue :-) what a wonderful surprise!!

In other mildly exciting news, I took a little detour on my way home from the gym the other night and headed up to windy point lookout. It had been very warm (37- 42 degrees Celsius) so as you can imagine the nights were still packed with people out and about finding things to do in this lovely town. 

I had taken my camera with me in hopes to snap some shots of the city skyline and was quite chuffed with the result. Despite Adelaide being a small city it certainly still is beautiful. After uploading to flickr, it made its way into Flickr Explore (not number 1 of course but was featured) which I was very happy about as it was a spare of the moment decision.  

Just goes to show that those spontaneous acts can result in good things :-) 

my letter published in YEN magazine
photo I took of Adelaide from Windy Point Lookout


  1. How exciting to have your words published in Yen - it's one of my most favourite magazines too!

    It's a pleasure to stumble across your blog!

    Catherine @ The Spring (in Brisbane)


  2. Love the skyline pic :) so very talented! And congrats again on the Yen letter.