Jan 27, 2012

dear eleanor - the zine

I have been so excited to be working on this project lately :)

Welcome to Dear Eleanor, a wonderful new zine created to celebrate Adelaide and South Australian talents, wares and hidden gems!

My friend Emma and I wanted to create a world that sings the praises of Adelaide. A city that has long been lauded as the sorry younger cousin of the brighter, bigger Eastern States and cities. Dear Eleanor is where you can join us on this glorious road trip of wonder to uncover some of the best places in this delightful State. We hope to be one of the first feature zines focusing specifically on Adelaide.

With the first issue of Dear Eleanor set for release in February, we are so happy to be able to share it with everyone - you can expect to see Peter Drew, Claire Alice Young, Cafe Komodo, White Wall Photography, Presence and much more gracing the pages along with some fantastic articles, interviews and tidbits.

Head over and add us as a friend on blogger here and befriend us on facebook here

here's a little preview of one of the great features we have for the first issue ;)

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