Dec 16, 2009

wednesday wonderment

well as usual a day of sunshine and wonderment ;-) and a few things to share with you all in blogland.

Over at etsy, I happened to stumble across the darling illustrations of meowza from Vancouver, BC !!!
Such intricate details and ideas - Tree girl is a definite favourite and makes appearances in many of her prints.
Here's a preview of what she has up for purchase over at her etsy shop

Next on the agenda is this gorgeous outfit by sublet clothing: eco-apparel

 I almost fainted when I saw this on my email today....
So much class and so much unique appeal

oh and i know how much everyone out there lovessss Zooey Deschanel so I just had to share this gorgeous images I found of her :-)


have a wonderful day everyone


  1. zooey deschanel is fantastic. love!
    xo meg

  2. i love those shorts from sublet...aren't they great?!