Dec 12, 2009

the miscreants of tiny town

I just had to share these phenomenal paintings that I came across on etsy.
Alexkuno hails from Downtown Minneapolis, and represented by the Rosalux Gallery.

Here's what he has to say about his recent series 'The Miscreants of Tiny Town':
"This work is the closest we'll get to seeing the otherworld of children's fears and nineteenth century ghosts. Nightmarish scenes come off as sublime, and hollowed eyes seem inviting in this bizarre world of anxiety and depraved ne'er-do-wells. We're not sure how to get there, but Tiny Town must be near Alice's rabbit hole."

"The Moron And The Moron And The Moron And The Moron"

"Like Lambs, Like Pigs"

"The Turkey Thief"

"The Nurse Girls Arrive Hungry"

Check out more of his portfolio at alexlovesyou 

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