Jan 4, 2010

international velveteen postcard swap

I completed two new personal photographic pieces over the weekend which I am really happy with. I recently converted to shooting in RAW (way too late if you ask me) and I just cant get enough of how great lightroom is!!!

Also a reminder that I'll also be continuously running the 'postcard swap' from this post, so if you havent registered yet and love to receive hand written mail and little inspirational bits'n'bobs then register by sending me your mailing address along with a link to your blog/website and a little about yourself :-) I've already had an outstanding number of registrations and would love to broaden this as much as possible.
Send to my email: i.of.the.storm@hotmail.com

image from here

If you'd like to help me promote my international postcard swap grab the banner link from the blog below :-)


  1. oohh, pretty pictures! what exactly is shooting in RAW? I've heard the term many many times, but ha, I've never actually knew what it meant. There's apparently an option on your camera to shoot raw...?

  2. hey there lovely :) shotting in raw mode basically means in captures alot more detail and not just visually either. It allows you to then edit everything within adobe camera raw/lightroom etc (raw software) including complete adjustments of exposure. Ive definitely noticed alot more flexibility although when it comes to shooting personally its not much different but with weddings and model folio's it is highly recommended!!!