Jan 24, 2010

slow songs and fast heartbeats

 misty christmas morning

slow songs and fast heartbeats, they’re the only things that really stay with me.
those moments when your heart breaks
or you fall deeper into whatever you’re feeling 

or those bouts of extended eye contact. the moments that, if they were in movies, would be 
accompanied by slow songs with acoustic guitars and sorrowful grand pianos
however, i prefer them unscripted.
fast heartbeats follow the moments you’re
overwhelmed with emotion or you’re taking the 

plunge into something unknown, something new. when you’re scared your heart might pop 
out of your chest or explode, or make some sort of dramatic gesture to let you know it’s 
rushing to keep up with your thoughts.
when those moments overlap with each other, they create memories that last lifetimes. 

these are the memories that stick with me. these are the memories i love.

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  1. i love that photo, how peaceful

  2. I took it! Thanks for promoting my flickr! come to my blog if you want :] www.everythingwefind.blogspot.com