Jan 31, 2010


A few very cool things this last couple of weeks, besides major shopping spree (which happens every week anyway ;P)...
I attended the BIG DAY OUT festival (such an amazingggg day - best big day out ever. Muse were superb along with fantastic sets from Grinspoon and Fear factory).
Australia held the Triple J Hottest 100 for 2009. I've been listening to triple J every day for the past few months and was glad to hear UK band mumford and sons came in at number 1 with their song 'little lion man'.
Discovered the gorgeous artwork of mydeadpony. What I'd do to have some of his artwork printed on a tee or a tote bag. Here are some of my favourites from his gallery:

Nothing left to say by ~mydeadpony on deviantART

Glad that the world by ~mydeadpony on deviantART

back to the working world tomorrow, and no doubt lots of hard hours, however the quality of inspiration around me and the people who keep me smiling makes everything worthwhile :)

Hope everyone has enjoyed their weekends <3

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