Nov 14, 2009

Florabella Collection

Isn't it a shame that we can't buy more time...
Some aspects of my photography lately that seems to have boomed interest is child portraiture and wedding ceremonies. I am a strong believer in experience being an eye opener and for this reason I've dedicated much of my time lately to researching, photographing, drafting and thinking about furthering my interest in a freelance business. At this stage it is a very passionate hobby, which I can run as a small business but from looking at the stars im starting to lead down paths that I hadnt even set out for yet :) and its great to know that Im achieving things before I even decided to set myself a goal. 

In keeping this post within the theme I'd like to feature a wonderful artist that I stumbled across just this morning. I instantly purchased one of her action sets 'the vintage set', Which I've already jumped at the chance of using.

 Florabella Collections 

 check out her wonderful website here 
hop along to her blogger here

and flickr stream for more amazing actions, textures and inspiration


  1. The last two are so pretty!! I love the colors!!

  2. Thank you so very much for the lovely feature & kind words! Your blog is so beautiful... I am honored! ♥

  3. I to am a huge fan of Shana @ Florabellas....I have both action collections and one of the texture sets.
    I am addicted!
    Love your blog!