Nov 20, 2009

Voûte - a dream within this artistic world

Being an avid follower of the creations by Monika Stojak, I stopped by a zine she mentioned being featured in over at DeviantART. I found it to be greatly calming, inspirational and appropriate of its articles. Dreamy text to make you feel as if you are sitting in a hammock at the top of the rocky mountains reading about these things you never knew.

Victor Jonsson (editor/graphic designer/text)
Sofia Elamson (text)
Monika Stojak, Ilona Marta Iwanska, Johnanna Carlson, Hanna Muller, Lisa Olsson, Estefania Morales, Rebecca Eskilsson, Felicia Frithiof, Kamila Patyna.

"the author is less important than the feelings he or she passes on within the photographs"  


Voted "Fashionista of the Year" as a people's 
choice in the blogging world. 
You can check her out here:

(text: Sofia Elamson - photography: Johanna Carlsson)

"The sun has gone out, the sun is dead. The trolls and gnomes all cheer, hoping summer will come back again (as we all have learnt about trolls, they are no fans of sunshine). Then all of a sudden, the sun rises above the horizon.
It shimmers in the crust, as if millions of roses fall down from the sky, and even the trolls get excited, standing on their heads in the snow celebrating. It could be me and you. We all do miss the sun in times like these and the story reminds us that light actually will come back to this part of the world. The sun is not dead, believe it or not. But the sun is still dark and I don't know how to play 'Here Comes the Sun' on acoustic guitar as he did, and I don't know what to do with myself"

Its great to read and see such a stellar collation of artistry. 
Go stop by Voute now and see for yourself...

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  1. Wow - this looks amazing!
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    I'll definitely check it out!