Nov 25, 2009

new session product {BRAG BOOK} + shop RUCHE's biggest sale

Well, I spent today finalising a client session package which has been a huge sigh of relief :-)
Working full times hours as it is leaves me very little time to concentrate on my photography but I have thoroughly enjoyed putting this little pack together and the session was a blast. 
Due to the nature of the session (child portraiture) I knew that parent's love to have a little keepsake for themselves to carry about and show off their gorgeous little one. It features 23 custom edited images, both cover and back pages designed by me to suit the theme of the shoot. The little star featured here is Jayden (6 months old).

I am very happy with the outcome and hopefully the client loves it too!!

Oh and something i MUST share here, because I LOVE LOVE LOVE this webstore and have asked my mother to please buy me a gift voucher for christmas:

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