Apr 10, 2010

suede heartbeats

I added two new pairs of shoes to my collection today which is totally exciting because I've been eying off something similar for a long time now.

The first is a pair of black suede knee high boots

ahnd here's some examples of how they can be worn



the second pair these gorgeous flats
I know they will both get some great use, especially the flats which look fantastic with jeans and black footless tights. Perhaps I'll trek out tomorrow and get some shots of them in the wild ^.^

I'll also be purchaseing a new notebook as my current laptop (HP dv6000) only has 1.00GB of RAM and it just is not cutting it when it comes to post processing my photography both in Photoshop and Lightroom. I've had a good look around and at this stage settled on the Acer Aspire as5740g. 4.00GB of RAM and It also has a huge 1GB dedicated graphic card and fantastic processor. Its always exciting getting new toys and I've saved up for it over the last month so I think it's finally time to get my hands on something I can use for my photography.

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