Apr 29, 2010

this is how we breathe

I bought a photo book a couple of weeks ago and until today when it arrived I had completely forgotten about it ^.^ I always love those little surprises when you have something to get excited about.... and in this case it was unwrapping 'this is how we breathe' by Emily Tebbetts 

It was as beautiful as I had expected. Such delicate and natural photographs split into categories and perfectly pieced together. 

Here are some images I took of the book once I got home today

(yes my nailpolish is freakishly chipped - a busy girl with no time to repaint ;P)
I highly recommend checking out her amazing photographs (and of course the wonderful models) at the following locations:

you can also grab your own copy of the book here



  1. Ooh what beautiful photos!! Thanks so much for the recommendation & sharing this!! :) I'll definitely be checking her sights out!! :)

  2. The book looks lovely. I also love when you get little suprises