Apr 13, 2010


I've just created a new carbonmade portfolio for my photography here. This will be used primarily as an online folio for future clients and marketing purposes (to list on business cards, letterheads etc). One thing I like about carbonmade is that the free folio allows you list upload five separate albums with a total of 35 images - this means that you are showcasing only your finest work ^.^ 
I hope to excel in my freelance work this year, however as I have a full time job I have very limited time to work on sessions and editing. Perhaps a bit of time management? 
Above is a showcase from my wedding collective folio that I've just uploaded to carbonmade. This was the very first wedding I've shot (new years eve 2009) and I am very pleased with the results from the day.


  1. ~thank you for sharing this with us...i adore these photos...candid and real...you captured moments they will long remeber and savor...beautiful...warm wishes and brightest blessings~

  2. Ooh are you looking at getting the Eidleweis Diana!! That's the one I originally wanted, but my hubby just bought the first one he saw, but still, can't complain :) You must post some pics once you get started! These photos of yours are awesome!