Apr 18, 2010

todays looks

I had a wonderful shopping day today with my mother as its my birthday tomorrow and I will be working most of the day :-}
I got an assortment of new clothes (not that I needed any...) some wonderful kate moss 'vintage' perfume and hand cream, various eye-shadows, lipgloss, nail polish etc etc the usual girly things. 
Here are two portraits from today - the top hat was my grandfathers and it was given to me when he passed away. I really want to start taking more 'outfit' shots so if anyone can please please please send me an invite code for lookbook (if you are a current member) then I would totally love you forever :D
I hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend. Its so nice using my new laptop (4GB of RAM - so super fast too), hopefully I get some spare time to do some photoshoots with models soon.

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