Apr 5, 2010

day four: your favourite book

Hello Beautiful Bloggers 


I hope you've all so far enjoyed the little bits of inspiration 
I share here, i love blogger so much - Its all warm and 
fuzzy and everyone seems content with how beautiful 
the world is and are glad to wake everyday whether its 
in the sunshine or the rain.
Today was an amazing day. I'm glad to feel that the smile 
on my face is genuine and its all because of one person's 
ability to make my days into rainbows. I would very happily 
freeze time right now :D

And to continue on with the series....

day three: your favourite book
To me and as much as it's not a classical. It's not obvious. 
I guarantee hardly anyone has read it but I loved it for 
the reason that it is strange and makes you think 'what it' 
and not the kind of 'what if i had never jumped on that train 
that day'. I'm not saying its true fact but its interesting and 
it relates quite alot to another book I fancy called '50 philosophy 
ideas you need to know'. If you like Carl Sagan 'cosmos' 
series, a bit of brain exercise and second guessings then 
check out THE HOLOGRAPHIC UNIVERSE by Michael Talbot.

Here's a look at some photographic work I got to do really 
early this morning. I have still not adjusted to this daylight 
savings thingo and as it is I rarely sleep past 7am (even 
on weekends). Considering it was nicely overcast for photography 
I grabbed my camera and ventured out into the backyard 
for a few quick snaps.

its all your fault 
{click the image to view over at my flickr}

I hope everyone has had an amazing Easter and weekend ^.^



  1. ~congrats on your 100th post! may you always be filled with inspiration to write and capture the essence of the world through the lense of yoru camara and share...to many more days to come...well wishes and brightest blessings upon you always~

  2. congrats on your 100th post! sweet photos, m'dear.