Apr 2, 2010

day one: your favourite song

I would be lying if I didn't say I'd been through many stages of musical taste, and whilst alot of the music I used to listen to still gets a play every now and then, my respect has grown in a different direction.
Joe Purdy is the single most amazing songwriter I have ever known. Its kinda reminiscent but so new... 
I don't know what it is exactly about him but he captures my soul and I wouldn't ever ask for it back.

That's why my day one: your favourite song goes to:

if you are interested in hearing just how beautiful his music is, you can hear all ten albums over at www.joepurdy.com


  1. Thanks for following.
    This is such a pretty song

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  2. Oh Joe Purdy! I love that song, "I got troubles oh, but not today. Cos they're gonna wash away, they're gonna wash away." He's the stuff.

    You swapped your layout!