Apr 7, 2010

day six: the spirit of a bird

On the 12th March 2010 my grandfather, William Richmond, ages 78 years, passed away after a long but sudden battle. He attended hospital for an operation as simple as removing a blood clot in one leg that had become a little problematic. Unfortunately the surgeons had suggested a tube also be put through his good leg to ensure there were no problems that side, however by doing that, and unrealising, they had spread a golden staff infection from one leg to the other. Gramps had to have both his legs removed from just above the knee as there was no chance they could be used again. As the days went on the survival rate dropped and additional problems became apparent. A year prior he was diagnosed with throat cancer, which he survived. After the operation to remove his legs a combination of the previous cancer and new operation affected his throat meaning anything he ate or drank went into his lungs rather than his stomach. 
Gramps died a few weeks later, and the day after he was moved to a hospital close to his home. From the time he went in to hospital he never got to go back home again. He was amazing man right til the end and died with my mother (his daughter) right next to him hearing his last breath. A piece of me went with him that day and with each day that passes it never gets easier.

Gramps had the spirit of a bird in flight and so I've chose today to feature this


  1. I couldn't help but feel a bit of my eyes getting wet at the loss of your grandfather. I too have lost my grandmother for some time, and often the passing is such a deep shock..we all thought that our loved ones would live forever...that is the constellation of life. If there's anything you would like to talk or a friendly support, my email's on my profile.
    Lots of love, you're not alone through this loss.